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Beachcomber Hotel, St Pete Beach Hotel: ST PETE BEACH RESORT & BEACH HOTEL

Kids Make Great Sandcastles in St Pete, Florida at The Beachcomber Hotel, Your Kid-Friendly Beach Resort Hotel!

There is nothing better than a day on a Florida beach with your friends and family. The Kid Friendly Florida St Pete Beach Resort is the best place to start your family vacation! Sun, the water, the food, they all add to this memorable experience. Then, sooner or later, the fever overtakes all kids ( and parents too!) We all want to build something in the sand. For some of us, that might entail a small structure at the edge of the waves, but some of us catch a more severe form of this “castle fever.” Frustration follows frustration and we are soon left with a dwindling pile of wet sand where our dream castle was supposed to stand. You can chalk it all up to one more thing you are not very good at, or you can follow a few simple tips from The Beachcomber Resort Hotel to help you build a better castle.

There are three things that are required to build a sand castle on St Pete Beach. Sand, water and imagination. Everything your children bring to a special beach vacation resort! Have fun with your kids and get down to work!

There are three ways to get water to your castle. You can carry it in buckets, you can build next to it, or you can dig to it. If your commitment is bigger, you want to dig. Go to the high tide line, dig until you hit water, and start building.

To be able to get any height, you will need to learn to build towers. Make a wet 'sandcake', like a sand pancake. Smooth it out, and then build another one on top of it. By repeating this pattern, you can build a tower with some impressive height! Modify this technique to build your walls and other castle parts, and you are on your way.

The final stage is shaping and carving. Use your hands to get a rough shape. If the fever is strong, you may need better tools. The spoon from your hot fudge sundae can be a great shaping tool, but a straight edge is also valuable. That plastic knife from your delicious Beer Battered Grouper Dinner from Players Sports Bar may just do the trick! When you are finished, step back, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Then, check out Team Sandtastic website to inspire you to new heights!

Most of all, tell your best friends How to Make the Best Sandcastle in St Pete, Florida at the Very Kid-Friendly Beach Resort Hotel, The Beachcomber!

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This family friendly resort is beachfront, relaxing and close to everything!

At The Beachcomber, our tropical gardens, two swimming pools, and beautiful fountains will fill your senses for the ultimate aromatherapy. Salty seawater and tropical flower scents combine with the fresh open air sea breezes of our private beach. You'll have a beachfront vacation you can relax and enjoy.

Take time for yourself. Our family vacation hotel offers a local favor that offers entertainment and relaxation. Players Sports Bar is a Beachcomber lunch and dinner favorite while Jimmy B's Beach Bar takes care of all your needs beachside. Take a short walk to the local Florida bistros and enjoy the rich, live beach entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere. We are a singular tropical resort, truly a one of a kind St Pete Beach, Florida experience for family and friends.

St Pete Beach Discount Hotel and Beach Resort

The Beachcomber beachfront vacation hotel is a family vacation destination you won't want to miss. Enjoy the excitement and leisure of The Beachcomber Family Hotel Resort and make you reservations today. The Beachcomber is yours to enjoy!

Beachcomber Beach Resort Hotel on St Pete Beach
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